Koi Shikarubeki ~Morimura Yuzuki Hen~ Translation


Koi Shikarubeki ~Morimura Yuzuki Hen~ & Animate Tokuten

After having been away at university for two years, you decided to visit your hometown during the summer break. When you got off the bus and began walking home, your childhood friend Yuzuki called out to you.

You remember what Yuzuki said to you when you left the village: “I will come and meet you when I become an adult. That’s why I want you to wait for me.”

Hana Awase Karakuri Nozoki Mizuchi Translation


Hana Awase Karakuri Nozoki Mizuchi

A story set after Mizuchi’s happy end from the game, in which Mizuchi is troubled by how he should treat Mikoto.

Anonymous sent:
Momo is adorable. But whenever I hear his voice, it reminds me of the male protagonist in the erotic anime "Sora no Iro, Mizu no Iro" *sweat* The first time I hear Momo's voice, I did choke (>ω<)ノシ

*high five to fellow Momo fan* He is cute! I actually got kinda happy to receive a message about him too ヾ(´・ω・`)


Two days ago I was at school when I got a text from my sister. It said a package for me had arrived. When I got home, I squealed a lot. A lot.


I want to thank sakiware for being so patient and kind with me. If it wasn’t for this wonderful person, this beautiful artbook wouldn’t be in my hands now.


Thank you. I really love it.

There are more pictures under the cut.

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So happy to see you enjoying the book! It really is such a beautiful one :D

Anonymous sent:
I'm sorry, it's me again. It's a bit odd, but Saitou's story also seems lack pretty much, doesn't it? I haven't read other stories though. Ó.Ò

I was able to read Saitou’s story from the book itself. Though I’m happy to double check it in case I missed something out.

Anonymous sent:
I’m sorry to bother, but the translation of Okita’s story (Stellaworth Series Tokuten) probably lacks one last sentence. I think the original lacking sentence is「 不思議そうにこちらを見上げる君に、これから何をして憂さを晴らそうかと、僕は頭を絞り始めた」Would you mind checking it? Sorry if I’m wrong. And thank you very much for your updating. I’ve wished for these stories to be translated and you grant it. I’m happy!!! ^_^

I did the translation of Okita’s story from a transcript that was posted online and perhaps there was something missing from the transcript. But I will try my best to check it out! Thank you for letting me know~

Shinsengumi Mokuhiroku Wasurenagusa Stellaworth Tokuten Translations


Stellaworth Tokuten 1 - Letters that come with each CD purchased from Stellaworth

Stellaworth Tokuten 2 - Book of short stories given out if you purchased all CDs from Stellaworth